The questions for this interview was made by Swen Goethe.
Answered by Abbath on Feb. 15 -99.

How come you learned how to play every instrument (drums, bass, guitar), and how do you think this has influenced Immortal's music through the years?
"I have always looked at these instruments with the same importance and fascination. That I've been able to handle these things through the years has helped us from stagnation and kept our music developing."

Why was Armagedda, Kolgrim and Erik kicked out of the band, or did they leave by themselves?
"They did not follow us musically or mentally, so all of them were asked to leave the band."

There has been a new Immortal logo created. Why did you decide to change your logo? Who did the new one?
"We felt it was time for a more pronounced logo, a readable one for everybody. The old one will still be for used in some occasions, but it won't be the main logo anymore. Hervé from Osmose sent us the suggestion for the new logo and we liked it."

The new material is supposed to have influences from "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism", does this mean that the speed is all gone on the album? Are there more space fore melodies now?
"At the heart of winter" is related to all our previously released material which we are very proud of. With our latest stuff we've taken our style a great deal further in a more professional matter. Our new songs have more intensity than blasts."
Will you ever take your corpse-paint off? Many Norwegian black-metal bands have done so, e.g. Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. What are your thoughts about this?
"I don't think we will ever take it off, It's too related to our style and concept. I don't mind what other bands do about their image."

Is it possible that Immortal will record a live-album or a live video in the future? Why, why not?
"We have a good reputation as a liveact so why not, maybe this year already."

Is the promo-video for "The Call Of The Wintermoon" going to be released officially? It seems like it was recorded in the summer-time, did this give you the "grimcold" feeling that you present in the lyrics?
"The "Call of the wintermoon" video was a huge mistake. It has no matter of course at all. We had an offer from a TV company here in Bergen to do it and there were nothing planned before they started to film which had to be done within two hours because it was supposed to be broadcasted later that evening. Anyway, we were stupid enough to rush into it. As I can remember we were a bit confused in those days."

Has Horgh participated more in the writing of "At The Heart Of Winter" than he did on "Blizzard Beasts"? Do you think he will be Immortal's drummer even in the future?
"This time Horgh has followed my songwriting since I've started out which have created a good dialog between us. When he came into the band in may 96' most of the "Blizzard.." material were ready made so he only got time to learn the songs and practice before we went to the studio. Horgh has found his place in Immortal which he will keep as long as there is an Abbath."

What is your opinion about the Old Funeral Picture Disc that has been released by Hammerheart Records? Do you think it's cool that your *old* works are being re-released?
"I don't care if its there or not. After my departure from that band most of the other members didn't go anywhere so this is their only pride and achievement."

When is the double-picture disc of Immortal, called "Perfect Visions", going to be released? What stuff will it contain?
"I don't know when or if it will be released, but if it happens then it will, from our point of view, contain our best material."
Are you and Demonaz brothers? I've heard different answers to this question at other places.

"No we are not brothers."
Thanks to Abbath for the interview.