Biography - Jason Newsted

 Bass (equipment list)
Specialty: Making sure Metallica thumps harder than ever
Birthday: March 4, 1963
From: Battle Creek, Michigan
Vitals: 5'9" & 150 lbs (1.75 meters & 68.04 kilos); brown/red hair & blue eyes
Marital status: Single 
Drives: '94 Land Cruiser
Drinks: Bordeaux, Barolo, barbaresco wines; Evian 
Eats: Anything BBQ-ed
Sports teams: NBA: Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls; NFL: Detroit Lions, L.A. Raiders
Before Metallica:
 Flotsam and Jetsam
Pre-Metallica career: Burger-flipper, pizza-maker, and truck-driver
Likes: Mountain biking, shootin' hoops, playing and listening to music
Listens to:
 Kiss, Black Sabbath, Tom Waits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Machine Head, Fugees, Sly and the Family 
 Stone, Sepultura, Wes Montgomery 
First concert: Ted Nugent, 1975, South Bend, Indiana
Heroes: Gene Simmons, Al Pacino, B.B. King, my father, Zach Harmen
Describes self as: Energetic, caring, goofy

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